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This to let you know that the Research connect is call is now open for application under the Newton Mosharafa Fund. This is communication training aimed at scholars/scientists who are interested to engage with local or international audiences.

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An applicant would submit an application on behalf of an institute for funding to host a 3-day research connect workshop. Once the application is successful, he/she would then be the lead organizer for the workshop. The British Council would supply UK trainers to deliver the Research Connect. STDF will provide seed funding to organize the event, cover rent of venue; rent a projector; lunches and so on.

The organizer would then select 15-20 persons to attend the training and has the flexibility to select what modules to be delivered during the 3-day training based on requirements at their own groups/ departments/faculties.

Deadline 20th November 2016.

Application is on the STDF website and application is online for your attention. Please note that the application MUST be submitted at the STDF website by an Egyptian National.



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