International ERASMUS Week

MUIRO invites Mansoura University (MU) staff and students to participate in the activities (Lectures and Conferences) of the International ERASMUS Week in the period 17-20 September 2018 in 6 MU Faculties in Cooperation with University of Piteşti (UPIT), Romania:


1- MU Faculty of Science:
- First Mansoura Conference of Postgraduate Research in Physics (18-20 Sep. 2018).
- Prof. Dr. Dumitru CHIRLEŞAN (Physics, Rector of UPIT),
- Dr. Alexandru TOMA (Nuclear Physics, Director of ICN),
- Dr. Georgeta CHIRLEŞAN (Physics, UPIT),
- Dr. Sorin FIANU (Physics, UPIT),
- Dr. Cristina Alice MARGEANU (Nuclear Physics, ICN),
- Dr. Anca ŞUŢAN (Biology, UPIT),
- Dr. Vasilica DUMITRACHE (Computer, UPIT),

2- MU Faculty of Nursing:
- Dr. George MAN (Nursing, Dean of Sciences UPIT),
- Dr. Mihai POPESCU (Nursing, UPIT),
- Dr. Monica ŢINŢU (Nursing, UPIT).

3- MU Faculty of Agriculture:
- Dr. Aurel POPESCU (Biology, UPIT),
- Dr. Monica POPESCU (Agriculture, UPIT),
- Dr. Cristian POPESCU (Agriculture, UPIT).

4- MU Faculty of Education & Faculty of Arts:
- Dr. Emanuel SOARE (Education, UPIT Vice-Rector),
- Dr. Natalia BURTOIU (Education, UPIT),
- Dr. Bogdan GEORGESCU (Languages, UPIT),
- Dr. Loredana BLOJU (Education, UPIT),
- Dr. Loredana TUDOR (Education, UPIT).

5- MU Faculty of Commerce:
- Dr. Mihaila DIACONU (Economics, UPIT Senate President),
- Dr. Amalia DUŢU (Economics, UPIT). 



The international relations have never been more important, more dynamic, or more interesting than it is today. Because of the rapidly changing, increasingly interdependency of world and global marketplace

Based on this concept, the International Relations Office (IRO) coordinates international activities More info...

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